Planning Permission

Planning Drawings and Applications for Planning Permission

Planning permission is required for construction works that do not fall under permitted developments. For example, you may require a loft conversion that exceeds the cubic allowance or double storey side extension. You cannot carry out planning permission building works unless you have been granted permission by your local council.

Our team offer planning drawings and will take care of all planning applications on your behalf. We provide you with expert advise on planning strategy and your legal rights as a homeowner. We have years of experience and good knowledge of renovation types and techniques that will enhance your chances of planning permission.

Planning Appeals

Should your planning application be refused by your local council there is always opportunity to appeal the decision. There can be several reasons for this, commonly due to neighbouring complaints and if your proposal is believed to alter the appearance the property too much. Typically, the council will provide reasons for the refusal and may even advise alternative constructions or adaptions that are more likely to be granted. In most cases there are modiļ¬cations to original planning designs that the local council will be happy to grant permission for and that will provide you with the space that you require. London Planning and Design will offer expert advise about the other options that are available to you and help you make the best decision in this situation. Planning appeal applications will be taken care of on your behalf.


London Planning and Design, Barnet, London provide expert Planning Permission services covering Barnet, London, Essex and hertfordshire.

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