Building Regulations


London Planning and Design, Barnet, London provide expert Building Regulations Drawings services covering Barnet, London, Essex and hertfordshire.

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Building Regulations

Building regulations are minimum standards that are implemented by the government for design and construction works to ensure that a required level of building standard is met. This system is relevant to almost all building works and is necessary to obtain the basic health, safety and sustainability requirements. Your building regulation drawings can be created here for you.

Building Control

We work closely with the private building control company PWC. PWC are a government approved company that offer an alternative to local council building control services. Inspectors offer top quality advise and customer service and their efficient inspections mean that there is no delay to the building work. PWC will visit the property at the relevant stage of construction and will award a certificate to confirm that the build complies with building regulations at the end of the works.



Example Building Regulations drawings (click to view full size)