Party Wall Act 1996

What is the party wall act 1996?

This is a parliamentary implemented Act that provides a framework that is used to prevent and resolve disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. In terms of building, the act works to protect both the owner that is undertaking works and neighbours in the event of damage.

Who does this involve?

Neighbours that either share ownership or land of a party wall or are within 3 meters of new excavations are referred to as ‘adjoining owners’. If you own a terrace property you will have at least 2 ‘adjoining owners’, and if you own a semi detached property you will have at least 1 ‘adjoining owner’.

What do you need to do?

2 months prior to starting any building works that affect your party wall, a Party Wall Notice needs to be served to all adjoining owners. The notice simply states that within your rights under permitted development or under granted planning permission, you intend to carry out the works stated. We are more than happy to converse or meet with neighbours to explain the building works and how they are affected.

Although you have the rights to do the works, your neighbour also has the rights to request a party wall surveyor which they can appoint themselves.

London Planning and Design can provide you with a basic but adequate Party Wall Notice template that can be used to serve notice to adjoining owners.

Party Wall Surveyor

Should your neighbour request for a party wall surveyor, you are liable to do this and also for the fees associated. If your neighbour has not appointed one personally, London Planning and Design will happily recommend a Party Wall Surveyor. A Party Wall Surveyor will typically converse with all involved and identify the issues or concerns. They may also undertake a condition report of adjoining properties so that in the event of damage caused to, it can be easily identified and the liable party can be informed and repair damages.


London Planning and Design, Barnet, London provide expert party wall advice and services in all party wall matters. We work on behalf of 'Building Owners' wishing to make structural alterations or carry out building works, or on behalf of 'Adjoining Owners' wishing to dispute a 'Party Wall Notice', or be party to a 'Party Wall Agreement (Award)' concerning building works adjacent to their property.

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